Producing engaging content is one of the key ways to build your reputation and/or attract new business. It helps you to be known, liked and trusted.

It is something that comes naturally to some and sends shivers down the spine of others. Anyone can make a success of it though.

James Dunne started from nothing, producing content about an area that didn't come naturally to him. He learnt, adapted and now has a huge social media audience. He's also confident that anyone can create engaging content and in this webinar shares how to do it.

Learning Objectives

  1. Feel confident starting to make content
  2. Know what to produce and how to engage your perfect customer
  3. Learn what you need to do it
James Dunne Kinetic Revolution

Author: James Dunne

Sports rehabilitation therapist, James Dunne started Kinetic Revolution in 2010, providing face-to-face rehab and coaching for runners.

The growth of his business has come as a result of a strong focus on content marketing and social media.

He has a following of 300,000+ across his main social channels and an online business helping runners worldwide.

Course Curriculum



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