Back pain is so common, therapists barely bat an eyelid when someone complains of it. There are a proportion of patients who need medical intervention and Spondyloarthritis is one condition we must not miss. Jack March takes you through the recognition of this condition in clinic and how it relates to multi-systemic symptoms. 

Learning Objectives

  1. Gain knowledge of the pathophysiology of Spondyloarthritis 
  2. Awareness of the signs and symptoms of Spondyloarthritis 
  3. Know who to refer to Rheumatology 
  4. Awareness of appropriate blood testing 
  5. Differential Diagnosis
Jack March

Jack March

Currently the Rheumatology Clinical Lead for Chews Health and an ALP for Nuffield Health. Jack also provides CPD courses online and in person from his website

Taking up a large portion of time is involvement in the ‘Physio Matters Podcast’. Being part of the 6-person team creating this free educational resource for therapists affords Jack access to many top clinicians and cutting-edge information regarding patient management. 

Course Curriculum

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