Therapy Live FAQS

1.    When will the sessions be available? 

71 of the 73 lectures have been loaded so far. Martin Ong'Wen Exercise rehabilitation without resources had technical difficulties which we're working to resolve.

Mary O'Keefe: Low back pain - What should we call it and does it matter? The session did not happen on the day but we're hoping to be able to get a recording added in for you.

2.    Will I be able to watch them more than once?

Yes. You can watch them as often as you like.

3.    How long will they be available for?


4.    Can I download them? 

They are not available for download but you can watch them as often as you like.

5.     Will there be handouts?

At present the focus was getting the videos live as quickly as possible to meet demand. If the speakers give permission, then handouts will be added which may or may not be downloadable depending on the speaker. Follow @LearningWithTLC on Twitter or join the Facebook group  to stay up to date. 

6.    Is there evidence for my CPD folder?

Yes. By 30th June then certificates will have been loaded up, available to anyone that has completed the course.

7.    Are the sessions available individually?

It is only the package available. It works out at less than 70p a session.

8.    Can I club together with friends to buy a package?

The package is priced for individuals to purchase and is already incredible value at less than 70p a session. If you have found the sessions helpful, then please support it. Without people buying the package then events like this simply cannot happen due to all the costs involved.

Security checks are in place so users will not be able to share logins. 

9.    Can I buy bulk access for teams of people?

As per question 8 the package is priced for individuals and is already incredible value at less than 70p per session. In order to enable such events to happen again then please consider supporting it. If it is a large team then please email [email protected] with the details of your offer.

10. Is it Accredited CPD?

It is high quality CPD from world leading speakers so the majority of associations will recognise it. 4 associations have advised that it can be used formally for their CPD: BASRaT, ISRM, STA and STO. We are happy to add names to this list, please ask your associations and have them email [email protected] to advise.